Stamp Tour

Stamp tour to freely enjoy the "Welcome Daehakro" performing arts festival Collect six Welcome Daehakro recommended spot stamps and complete the strap bottle! (Goods pickup location: Welcome Information Center)

Tour Course

  • 01

    Welcome Information Center ※ Given as a [Water bottle strap] for completing stamps and participating in a survey at one location.

  • 02

    ARCO Art Center (free exhibition)

  • 03

    Naksan Park

  • 04

    Marronnier Par (festival, photo spots) & Artist House (2F Lounge)

  • 05

    Seoul Theater Center

  • 06

    Welcome Daehakro Photo Exhibition ※ Given as a [3-step bottle] for completing stamps at six locations.

* Prizes will be given on a first-come, first-served basis, and the distribution may end early if supplies run out.
* The order is a recommended course, and stamps will be collected regardless of the order.

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