Thank you for joining us for the 2023 Welcome Daehakro. Did you have a fun and enjoyable time?
We are always looking to receive your valuable feedback to make Welcome to Daehakro even more informative and enjoyable in the future.

* We promise that the information collected in this survey will not be used for purposes other than statistical analysis. Please respond honestly based on your thoughts and feelings.

1. Do you know about WELCOME DAEHAKRO?
2. How did you come to know about WELCOME DAEHAKRO in 2023?
2-1. Please choose when choosing social media
3. Which programs did you participate in at WELCOME DAEHAKRO in 2023?
3-1. Please choose when choosing Theater
3-2. Please choose when choosing K-Stage * 중복 가능
4. How satisfied are you with WELCOME DAEHAKRO in 2023? * On a scale of 1 to 5 / 5 being the highest
5. What was the most satisfying aspect for you?
6. What is the most important factor when choosing a Korean performance?
7. How much did you spend as a result of WELCOME DAEHAKRO in 2023? (in Korean won)
8. Do you have intentions to participate in WELCOME DAEHAKRO in 2024?
9. Please freely write down your expectations for WELCOME DAEHAKRO in 2023.
Characteristics of Participants
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2. Age
3. Nationality
4. Experience visiting Korea
5. Please provide your personal information (name, mobile phone number).

※ In case of duplicate participation by the same individual, only one entry will be recognized.

※ The collected personal information (name, mobile phone number) will be used solely for the purpose of prize delivery and will be disposed of after use.